Active Direct Box with and Attenuator


Product Description

This DBA-10 Active Direct box Provides impedance and signal matching for direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers . When use the Active Direct box, the signal coming from the input is buffered with an amplifier. The Active Direct box’s input impedance is high, so it doesn’t affect the signal. The Active Direct box’s output impedance is balanced and low, so that it is much less susceptible to picking up hum and noise. This way, the impedance for the signal source is independent from the impedance of the used mixer and vice versa. 

  • The -20dB attenuation switches can increase the opearting range of the Direct box. Pressing down both switches will give 40dB attenuation.
  • Only use the -20dB switches if you are sure the Direct box is overloading and not your mic pre-amp. Please use as little attenuation as possible to get the best possible S/N ratio.
  • 1/4 Jack Input: This a 1/4 Jack socket, used for recieve signal.
  • XLR Input: This is a unbalanced XLR socket, used for recieve signal.
  • LINK: This is a unbalanced parallel output 1/4 Jack socket of the Direct box, used for connect this to the input of the back line or monitor amplifier.
  • Battery Switch and Indicator: This switch is used for switch the battery power on and off . Switched off battery, the Direct box will still work on phantom power.
  • Switched on battery, the Direct box will automactically switch between battery and phantom power.
  • When the Direct box is working on battery power the LED will flash, when working on phantom power the LED will light up continuously.
  • GND Lift Switch: This GND Lift switch is used for switch either connect the ground of input and output or keep them completely separater. Depending on the grounding of the connected devices linking or disconnecting will reduce hum or prevent ground loops. GND Lift on means no interconnection.
  • OUTPUT: This is a balanced mircophone level output socket of the Direct box.
  • Never connect pin 2 or 3 to pin 1 and never disconnect the shield from pin 1, or the unit will not work on phantom power.
  • Battery Compartment: To be used for the put the 9V battery. When the Direct box is switched on battery power the LED flash, when it stops flash it is time to change the batter



Input Attenuation: Switchable (-20dB, -40dB)

Phantom Power: 18 ~ 48 Volts DC

Switches: ON / OFF for 9 Volt battery GND / LIFT Attenuation

Load Impedance : 600 Ω

Size: Width: 13.5 cm Depth: 10.4 cm

User Manual

User Manual

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