14-Inputs Digital Mixing Console Touchscreen with WiFi / Android and IOS App.


Product Description

The PSG AUDIO DM-1608 with its innovative design and powerful DSP capabilities, the Digital Mixer effectively integrates digital mixing systems, using a new concept that blends modern digital and traditional operations to give users a very professional functional experience. Its compact size, easy-to-use interface and professional mixing effects can perform excellently at a professional gig, but also fully satisfying for less experienced individual users to provide powerful effects.

DM-1608 has powerful processing power and advanced features for the convenience and speed of the software operating process designed to bring up the mixing interface quickly. A convenient and fast operating experience that allows everyone to enjoy the convenience and power of a digital mixer.

  • 14-way analog input, 2-way digital input, low background noise, multi-functional parameters adjustable
  • Built-in USB recording and playback function, supporting APE\MP3\FLAC\WAV lossless audio format
  • 8-way DCA grouping, 8-way mute grouping, input and output, effect channels can be programmed in
  • Each input channel has a 6-band parametric equalizer, compressor, noise gate, polarity, delay
  • Each output channel has 8-band parametric equalizer, 31-band graphic equalizer, high and low pass filter, compressor, delay
  • Built-in adaptive trap feedback suppression algorithm
  • Support 30 sets of scene presets, can be imported into USB storage, easy to backup and call
  • Built-in: sine wave, white/pink noise signal generator
  • Unique Link connection function, adjacent channel binding setting; anti-touch, mis operation panel lock
  • Channel name customization

In 1~8 balanced XLR/TRS combo input jacks.
stereo Input 9~10 TRS mono high-resistance input jacks.
stereo Input 13~14 TRS stereo input jacks.
2-way USB3.0 input USB storage/Wi-Fi adapter
LR main bus output.
4 x AUX auxiliary outputs.
1 channel TRS monitor

THD & Noise <0.002% @ 18dBu A+C
Sampling Rate 48K
Signal to Noise Ratio -90dBu
Screen 7″ HD touch screen, 1024 x 600 resolution
Frequency response (20~20KHz) 20HZ ~ 20K HZ,±0.2dB
Quantized bits 24bit
Max. level (input) +20dBu,balance
Maximum level (output) +18dBu,balance
Phantom power 48V
Analogue/Digital Dynamic Range 108dB
Digital/analogue dynamic range 108dB
Input Impedance (Balanced) 20KΩ
Output Impedance (Balanced) 100Ω
Channel Isolation @ 1KHz 100dB
Operating Temperature 0°C-55°C
Operating Power Supply 19/2A
Power Consumption 30W

User ManualQuick User Manual
User Manual

User Manual

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Operation Guide









  • DM-1608 Mixer
  • Rack Mount
  • Carry Case Bag
  • Manual Guide


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