16-channel Stage Box 16-channel Remote-controlled Digital Mixer


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The PSG AUDIO Medusa 16 is a digital rack mixing console for 19″ standard rack mounting. It is compact, with simple operation interface and perfect effects, suitable for professional performancer to play flexibly , supportive for biginners to complete the performance. Medusa 16 with compressors, crossover, equalizer, as well as conventional analog mixer functions, can constantly creat surprise for customers. 

Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows and Linux devices, up to 10 control devices can be used at the same time.

16-channel Digital Snake with 16 Remote-controllable Mic Pres, 6 Outputs, a Network Port with advanced Technology. Supporting 24bit/192kHz AD/DA, the Soundking DB16 is a digital mixer, controllable via Wi-Fi and Ethernet via web-based control software – compatible for all device types. It has 12 mic preamps, 2 x stereo line ins, 6 XLR outputs, 4 effects engines

PSG AUDIO Medusa 16 WiFi Digital Mixer – 16 Input, 6 Output
Supporting 24bit/192kHz AD/DA, the PSG AUDIO Medusa 16 is a digital mixer, controllable via Wi-Fi and Ethernet via web-based control software – compatible for all device types. It has 12 mic preamps, 2 x stereo line ins, 6 XLR outputs, 4 effects engines, 2 USB ports for playback and recording stereo bus.

Web-Based Cross Platform Controlled Digital Mixer
The Medusa 16 is a WiFi enabled digital mixer utilising HTML5 technology, making the control software compatible with any web browser. Featuring 12 mic preamps, 6 XLR outpus (2 x Main Output, 4 x assignable), 2 x USB connection for recording (WAV and MP3) / playback, stable built-in WiFi router and Ethernet port, 4 FX units (2 x delay / 2 x reverb), and 4-band EQ, HPF, compressor, gate, effects, digital gain on all inputs. Save your settings and scenes from each venue, or show or instant recall in future.

Built-In WiFi Router
The Medusa 16 has a reliable built-in WiFi router meaning there is no need to use or install an external router. Any device which has a web browser, (e.g. smartphones, iPads and tablets, or MAC / PC computers) can connect to the mixer control software via the mixer’s WiFi hotspot.. Using the Ethernet port and cat5e cable, it is also possible to connect the Medusa 16 to an external router and WiFi network.  This allows users connected to the external router’s WiFi, to be install able to access the control software by simply entering a static IP address into a web browser. Ideal for installations at clubs, bars and venues as anyone connected to the WiFi at the premises can use a smart device or computer to control the mixer. Allowing for musicians to use their own device for mixing on stage, and giving staff the ability to control the software using their own device, all at the same time, from anywhere within the venue. It can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. This allows for band members to control their IEM mixes individually, and mix for Front of House as well. With 4 Aux outputs, you can have 4 different monitor sends going to foldback wedges, and each member of the band can control their mix. Ethernet is provided to hardwire a connection to a MAC or PC computer for mixing.

Input Channel Compressor, Parametric EQ, Gate
The dynamic stage of the Medusa 16 features a Parametric EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor. The 4-band parametric EQ is on each input and bus channel allowing for perfect equalisation that can be saved and shared between channels. The noise gate and compressor are designed for live performance are fully featured to industry standard.

Save Scenes for Future Recall
Similar to its CADAC digital mixer counterparts, the Medusa 16 also is equipped with scene memory capability.  This allows all settings of the Medusa 16 to be saved and recalled for future use. You can save scenes to a USB and transfer to a different Medusa 16. Having this function saves hours of sound checking and gives you the ability to have consistent sound without the need of qualified sound engineer for every show.

DM / DB Series Created through Cooperation between PSG AUDIO and CADAC
This series of digital mixers is the result of many years of R&D by PSG AUDIO. They have combined their experience with audio signal processing and manufacturing, with the knowledge and proprietary technology from an partner and industry pioneer CADAC. The result is a series of digital consoles with all the features and high quality signal processing expected of the modern digital mixer, delivered at a price point that offers unrivaled value.


  • Phantom power, 4-band EQ, HPF, compressor, effects, electronic gain and noise gate at all inputs
  • 16 BUS: 4 x mono output, 5 x stereo output, 1 x stereo monitor
  • 2 x USB port for recording, playback and updates
  • 24-bit processing, 192 kHz AD/DA converters
  • 4 x assignable XLR output
  • 60 dB MIC pre-amp gain
  • 4 x built-in effect engine
  • Supporting scene memories
  • Remote by browser: fully controlled by tablet / PC / smartphone (HTML5)
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS and Linux





combo XLR


2 x stereo

4 x 6.3 jack



6 x XLR






2 x 6.3 JACK



1 x headphone


2 x USB to connect USB stick for playback and recording(WAV and MP3 format)


External wireless USB module

LAN interface

1 X interface for network connection


Max support 24 bit /192 KHZ


4 effects (2 x reverb +2 x delay)

Power Supply

External 12V DC(AC 90-240V-50/60 Hz)adapter

Product size: 300*140*140mm

Product net weight: 2.2kg

Package Size: 390*250*190mm

Product Gross Weight: 5kg

User ManualQuick User Manual

Operation Guide

Operation Guide





  • Medusa 16 Mixer
  • Manual Guide
  • Power Cable

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